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一、Phonetics (5 points)

Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, B, C and D.Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation.Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

1. 选出下面读音不同的选项()。





2. 选出下面读音不同的选项()。





3. 选出下面读音不同的选项()。





4. 选出下面读音不同的选项()。





5. 选出下面读音不同的选项()。





二、Vocabulary and Structure (15 points)

Directions: There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section.For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

6.We asked both John and Jerry, but ____________________ could offer a satisfactory explanation.





7.I’d like to find someone ____________________ I can discuss such a problem.



C.with whom

D.to whom

8.The baby can’t even sit up yet, ____________________walk!

A.don’t mention

B.let alone

C.other than

D.rather than

9.I did not notice that my dog was missing ____________________ a moment ago.





10.The company director has informed us that we must ____________________ department budget by 25%.

A.cut down

B.cut away

C.cut off

D.cut up

11.Companies usually ____________________ a number of experiments before a new product is launched.





12.I remembered that the air conditioners ____________________ turned off before I left home.


B.were to be

C.had been

D.have been

13.--How do you like your new job?

--Well, it is great ____________________ salary, but it does not offer much prospects for promotion.

A.in charge of

B.in terms of

C.in case of

D.in favor of

14.In my opinion this is a(an) ____________________ different matter.





15.Take an umbrella with you in case it ____________________.

A.many rain

B.could rain



16.The murderer was brought in, with his hands ____________________ behind his back.

A.to have been tied

B.having tied

C.to be tied


17.--Do you think Joshua is the right person for this job?

--He is well-grounded in economic theory, but lacks ____________________ in production management.





18.____________________ about it earlier, we could have warned people of the danger.

A.Would we know

B.Should we know

C.Have we known

D.Had we known

19.It was ____________________ of you not to disturb these old people late last night.





20.--Hey, what do you think of his speech last night?

--I have no idea.I arrived ____________________ find that he had almost finished it.

A.in order to

B.so as to

C.only to

D.ready to

三、Cloze (20 points)

Directions: For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

What is music? Music is sound arranged into pleasing or interesting __________21__________.It is part of every culture on Earth.People use music to _22_ feelings and ideas.Music also serves to entertain and relax.

Music is a performing art.It _23_ form such arts as painting and poetry, In which arts _24_ works and then display or publish them.Musical composers need musicians to _25_ and perform their works._26_ most musical performances are really co-operations between composers and performers.

Music also plays a major role in other arts.Opera _27_ singing and music with drama.Ballet and other forms of dancing need music to help the dancers _28_ their steps.Motion pictures use music to help set the mood as well as introduce the actions or enhance its _29_ on the audience. Music is one of the _30_ arts.People probably started to sing to as soon as _31_ developed.Hunting tools struck together may have been the first musical _32_.By about 10,000 B.C , hollow bones had been used by _33_ people to make flutes.The first written music dates from about 2500 B.C.

There are two chief kinds of western music, classical and popular.Symphonies, operas, and ballet are _34_music.It is generally harder to write and perform.Musicians who perform it need a lot of training.Popular music _35_ country music, folk music, jazz, and rock music.It is easier to perform and understand.












































































四、Reading Comprehension (75 points)

Directions: There are four reading passages in this part.Each passage is followed by five questions.For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D.Choose one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ.

Passage one

What do you use to get around town? A cat? A bike? Your feet? Perhaps you should try a Segway!

The Segway is perfect for short journey.It is an electric vehicle that consists of a platform between two wheels, with a pole that connects the platform to the handlebars.To ride it, you step up onto the platform, and control the Segway by moving your body.Lean forwards to go faster, and backwards to slow down.

On older models, direction is controlled by a twist grip(扭转把手)on the left handlebar.This varies the speeds between the two motors, a decrease in the seed of the left wheel would turn the Segway to the left.With never models you simply lean to the left or right.Meanwhile, a gyroscope(陀螺仪)detects your movements and prevents the machine form falling over.The Segway has a maximum speed of 19 km per hour and a range of about 38 km.After that, you need to plug it in and recharge the battery.

Segways are used for a variety of purposes.People with mobility problems can now enjoy walks in the country with their friends and family.Some golfers use them as an alternative to the golf cart.And dog owners now have an easier way to take the dog to the park.A few police forces use Segways, too.They allow officers to move quickly whilst maintaining contact with the public.

They are also becoming a common sight on airport.However, the most popular use is in tourism, particularly for city tours.Visit any major tourist city in summer, sit outside a cafe for a while and there is a good chance you will see a group of tourists passing on Segways.

36.What is the Segway according to this passage?

A.A pole that connects two handlebars.

B.A newly appeared public traffic vehicle.

C.A bicycle with a platform between two wheels.

D.An electric two-wheeled vehicle for short trips.

37.How do you turn to the left on Segways of newer models?

A.Lean to the left

B.Adjust the twist grip

C.Press the left bar

D.Control the gyroscope

38.How far can you travel on a Segway at most?

A.Less than 19 km

B.About 19 km

C.About 38 km

D.More than 38 km

39.The last paragraph focuses on ____________________?

A.What a Segway is like

B.Where to find a Segway

C.How to control a Segway

D.When a Segway is useful

Passage Two

Nancy Bright and her husband John had been working overtime and saving for a long time so that they could pay the advance for Nancy’s dream house.Today was the day that they had enough money in hand to make a down payment on the house.But the real estate (房地产) agent informed them that she had received another offer for the house.Although the other offer was slightly less than that of Nancy and John’s, that person with the new offer was willing to pay the whole amount at once .The owner, in urgent need of money, wanted to accept the second offer. Nancy and John looked at each other with disappointed looks.They walked back home feeling very low about having lost the house.Soon they recovered and involved themselves into their daily lives, though once in a while Nancy would sink into a mild depression over losing the house. One day Nancy woke up in the morning feeling even lower than usual.She kept feeling sick, even lost interest in her routine coffee.She pull all these symptoms down to the stress of working hard and losing her dream house.A week passed and she seemed to get worse.John was worried and insisted on taking her to the doctor.The doctor, after taking a few tests, informed them with a huge smile that Nancy was two months pregnant! John and Nancy were overjoyed but also worried about not having their own house before the baby was born.

One evening Nancy wandered into the street where her dream house was, and as she passed by

it, she was surprised to see that there were notices stuck on all the house.On closer examination she found that the notices were for all the residents to move out of the house as they were building a highway and the whole row of the houses needed to be pulled down.Nancy suddenly realized that not getting her dream house had been a blessing in disguise.She thanked God and decided to be happy with the blessings she had and started looking forward to the birth of her child.

40.Why did Nancy and her husband lose their dream house?

A.They couldn’t pay the whole amount for the house at once.

B.Someone else offered more money for the house.

C.They couldn’t afford the advance for the house.

D.The house owner decided not to sell the house.

41.How did they feel after they lost their dream house?

A.They felt sorry and hardly recovered.

B.They felt relieved but with little regent.

C.They enjoyed their daily lives all the same.

D.They were depressed but tried to adjust themselves.

42.What did Nancy find about the house one day?

A.It would be on sale again.

B.It would be pulled down.

C.It had been redecorated.

D.It had been emptied.

43.What does the phrase “a blessing in disguise” in the last paragraph mean?

A.A good luck

B.A dirty trick

C.A secret wish

D.A false alarm

Passage Three

Most of the guests who come on our trips have never been to Egypt before.We want to make everyone comfortable and at ease, but we do always get the same question in advance of a trip.So here I will give you some travel tips.What should I wear?

If you are lucky enough to visit Egypt between November and February, pack a sweater.You’ll need it --the desert gets chilly at night..During the day, the temperature will be agreeable and comfortable.Any other time, pack as if you are going to phoenix or Vegas in August.For the ladies bathing suits are normal if there’s a pool where you’re going, but leave the string bikini at home --it is a Muslim country, after all.Last, if you’re planning on visiting any mosques or certain parts of upper Egypt, ladies will need to plan on bringing something that comes at least to the elbows, and no shorts for men or women in those areas.What special things do I need to pack?

One of my favorite things in the world to bring to Egypt is an Evian Mister, a sprayer with a fine mist of Evian water.You may be able to find it in your local drug store.Spray a little on your

face or head, and your body temperature will feel like it’s dropped 10 to 15 degrees.Other items include your camera, sun block and extra batteries.How do I communicate with home?

Internet cafes are plentiful everywhere, especially in Cairo, Luxor, and Alexandria.If you have international calling on your phone, you should be able to use it----AT&T and sprint both work internationally for sure, but may sure you have the international coverage.A satellite phone is best if you are certain to need coverage in the middle of the country, like while sailing up the Nile, but for most people these days a cell phone is fine.What medical preparation do I need?

In a word: none! The one thing you may come down with in Egypt is politely called “Pharoah’s Revenge” The thing that knocks out Pharoah’s Revenge is a regionally produced medicine ,and is available at every drugstore for $ 1 a box.DON’T drink local water, DO drink bottled water, avoid the skins of fresh vegetables, and you will be fine.

44.What clothing is proper for ladies visiting a mosque?

A.string bikinis

B.Long-sleeve closes

C.Bathing suits


45.What’s the use of an Evian Mister?

A.to relieve your thirst

B.To prevent sunburns

C.To cool yourself down

D.To drive away insects

46.What information is provided about distance communication?

A.A cell phone is enough for most people.

B.AT&T and sprint offer free service in Egypt.

C.A satellite phone does not work in Mid-Egypt.

D.Internet cafes are only available in big cities.

47.What does “Pharoah’s Revenge” probably refer to in the last paragraph?

A.A curse

B.A legend



49.Which word best describe the homeless man?





50.Why did Robby go back to the hot dog seller?

A.She wanted to thank the hot dog seller

B.The homeless man asked for a hot dog

C.She wanted to buy a hot dog for the homeless man

D.The hot dog was so delicious that Robby wanted another

51.What is the theme of this passage?

A.The rich should help the poor

B.One good turn deserves another

C.Kindness is the greatest wisdom

D.A kindness shown, a kindness sown

Passage Five

Whatever you do, don’t challenge a chimpanzee named Ayumu to a number memory game. In 2007, Ayumu became famous for his lightning speed at a game that goes like this: A player views a computer screen where the numbers 1 through 9 appear briefly at once and then turn to white squares.The player then taps the squares where the numbers had been, in order from 1 to 9.People can do it.But no human competitor has ever completed the game faster or more accurately than Ayumu the chimp.For almost five years Ayumu remains undefeated.

Psychologist Nicholas Humphrey of Darwin College at Cambridge University in England now thinks he knows the secret behind the chimp’s ability.Humphrey suspects Ayumu’s brain may have a condition that allows the chimp to see numbers as colors.This would mean that Ayumu may see a color glow after the numbers disappears.Then, instead of remembering the numbers, he remembers a sequence of colors, each associated with a number.

The condition that Humphrey believes Ayumu may have is called synesthesia.Humans with synesthesia may associate numbers and letters with colors.For example, a person may see the number “5” as the color blue.Until now, scientists had assumed only humans could have synesthesia.

Humphrey found the inspiration for his idea at a 2011 scientific conference.There, he heard a presentation about Ayumu’s memory abilities and another talk about synesthesia.He then put the two ideas together.

Not everyone is convinced that Humphrey is correct.Primatologist Tetsuro Matsuzawa of the Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University in Japan has spent decades studying the amazing memories of chimpanzees, including Ayumu.He maintains that chimps simply have faster memory recall than people.

52.What is Ayumu famous for?

A.His gift in playing computers.

B.His talent in calculating numbers.

C.His skill in tapping the numbered squares.

D.His amazing performance in memory game.

53.Which of the following is true of Nicholas Humphrey?

A.He thinks Ayumu has an amazing memory.

B.He believes that Ayumu sees the colors of numbers.

C.He was inspired by Primatologist Tetsuro Matsuzawa.

D.He delivered a speech on synesthesia at the 2011conference.

54.Where does Humphrey get the inspiration for his idea?

A.From an experiment

B.From a conference

C.From a research on chimpanzees

D.From the color blue

55.How does Tetsuro Matsuzawa explain Ayumu’s performance in the game?

A.Ayumu uses synesthesia.

B.Ayumu is cleverer than most chimps.

C.Chimps recall things faster than people.

D.Chimps are good at dealing with number.

五、Daily Conversation(10 points)

Directions:Pick out appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete the following dialogues by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.


A.I’m very pleased to be here

B.Did you ever find each other

C.But is was a miracle

D.I remember you said you wanted to get a sweater

E.It could even be a disaster

F.Actually, I’ve got the list ready.

G.Did you get anything

H.I don’t want to talk about it anymore

Mary: Well, Susan, how was your shopping trip with Nancy this afternoon? Susan: Don’t ask._56___________ H

Mary: What do you mean? Something went wrong?

Susan: Went wrong? _57___________ E ! Nancy thought I had said I would meet her at the department store at 2:30 when I really said 2:00.Then she thought we would meet at the main entrance in front when I really said at the east entrance on the Twelfth Street.Mary:_58___________ B ?

Susan: Yes! _59___________ C I had given up waiting and went inside the women’s clothing department.So did she.Thus we met finally and it was 3:00 by then.Mary: Did you get what you wanted? _60___________ D

Susan: A blouse, as a matter of fact.But by that time, all those on sale were gong.So I settled for a skirt.

第56题简答 填入(56)处的最佳答案是()。

第57题简答 填入(57)处的最佳答案是()。

第58题简答 填入(58)处的最佳答案是()。

第59题简答 填入(59)处的最佳答案是()。

第60题简答 填入(60)处的最佳答案是()。

六、Writing(25 points)

Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write a notice in about 100-120 words based on the following situation.Remember to writer it clearly.

第61题 你(Li Yuan) 收到朋友Xiao Ming 的 e-mail,他在邮件中谈及买车计划。请在回信中说明你对买车的看法,内容包括: 私家车的好处(如舒适、便捷等);私家车的弊端(如交通拥挤、环境污染、停车困难等); 你的建议。


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